Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Invasion of the Ukraine

"IN WAR, TRUTH IS THE FIRST CASUALTY" ~ Phillip Snowden from "Truth and the War"

The above quote is so pertinent to our present circumstances that I have now used it twice.

 Here are a few more fragmentary, left-over ruminations which i can't help myself from making...

Yesterday I was wryly informed by certain friends of mine that the Western media and our local television stations were reporting that Russia was racing towards Australia with Military vessels...and the implication apparently, according to my friends was that this may be some type of invasion.

I laughed out loud and wondered if this media circus could get any more ridiculous...

Today, according to the BBC, in another typically lame and obvious attempt to hoodwink the public, and despite it's laughable protestations of editorial objectivity, the BBC has released some 'NEWS' for us all...apparently there is another invasion going on, supposedly a 90 truck convoy reportedly from Russia is invading the Ukraine...REALLY????????

I should think that if Putin wanted to invade the Ukraine he would be using more than just a miserable, lonely truck convoy.

There would be troops on the ground and tanks on the roads and fighter jets reclaiming the Air space.

And there would be NO doubt...it would be an invasion and a reclamation of territories which had been stolen from them in an orchestrated coup d'etat by the Americans.

So how stupid does the American Administration think Putin is?

Or, perhaps more to the point how stupid do they think WE are?

Coming soon to a Bank near you...
Would Putin dare to transgress International law and do what America does every other day, i.e invade another country?

Especially when the eyes of the entire World are watching?

I don't think so, as invading another sovereign country with weapons of mass destruction is I believe America's job, and I don't think that America would appreciate anyone else muscling in on their Action! Their turf! Their Game!

Why does America even have such obsessive, vested interest in the Ukraine?

That is the 64 Dollar question and it is the subject matter for another article.

Taken in perspective the situation on the ground begins to look like theatre of Cruelty, Theatre of the Absurd...a shadowplay of subterfuge and confusion resulting in nightmares and death.

It is not as if America and the Ukraine are actually neighbors...

Geographically or indeed Culturally or even Historically they could not be more remote from each other.

So what is their possible official excuse, their justification for involvement in the civilian massacres which are currently being carried out by the KIEV Government, a Government which America has openly and blatantly propped up and continues to support while the largely civilian population of the Ukraine continues to get indiscriminately shelled?

There is no reply, I hear nothing...no sound at all, save for the wind howling an organic piece...a condemnatory motif high above the fracas and the fray of human madness.

Imagine if there had been a Coup d'etat in Mexico?

Imagine if there were actually 'Special Forces' of troops, hired mercenaries, thugs, private armies and tonnes of weapons being amassed in Mexico and along the US/Mexican Border???

All funded by Russia!

I often wonder how calm, cool and collected the American Administration would be if the tables were reversed...

Why is America so fascinated with the Ukraine?

After all, America has offered Kiev a direct grant of 1 Billion US Dollars after having already arranged Billions in loans via the IMF and the World Bank for the Kiev Government, and yet despite this offer, and the millions of tax-payer dollars which have already been so far spent on weaponry etc., the US can not even afford to pay the water bill on its own homeland, the American Adminstration could not afford to organise a loan for its own citizens in Detroit, the once great capitol of American enterprise and former home of the American Automobile Industry.
Joe Biden, the problematic Vice-Prez of the United States, has a Son who, (surprise, surprise) is suddenly up to his elbows in (guess where, "Gee Thanks Dad!") a brand new 'Energy' enterprise in the Ukraine...;

And so the media manipulation and the Lies continue...

This appears to be the real invasion and yet, in a type of Jedi Mind-shift Psyops exercise we are meant to see the very opposite ocurring!

Somehow we have entered the Theatre of the Absurd!

It is a pity that Biden's family could not find an investement enterprise to get involved with on American soil...

Why so far away? Whatever happened to American patriotism?

Lord knows Detroit and other cities in America could desperately use the investment... they need an infusion of Cash, but then for modern Capitalists today, loyalty and allegiance is held not to a Nation or to a homeland, but to wherever Profit lives!

And ultimately there is No Profit in providing American citizens with clean living water...

Why has the US, with its incredibly sophisticated Satellite surveillance, and with its Fish-eye coverage of all terrains via drones, still not been able to provide any photographic evidence at all regarding the so-called invasion by Russia, Zero, Zilch...as in NONE, when questioned about these events and their official recognition, their seal of approval by the US Admin at a Washington press conference and instead refer to NATO?

And when are the Americans going to release their own satellite imagery and their assessment of who was behind the destruction of the Malaysian civilian airliner MH-17 which was destroyed, shot out of the sky by another plane, a fighter jet over the Ukraine?


It is all very well to make unsubstantiated accusations!

The British Press had released headlines labelled: PUTIN'S VICTIMS literally within hours of the crash.

And yet so far, all evidence appears to point back to Kiev, as it was KIEV which mysteriously, originally asked the Malaysian Airliner to alter it's course and to fly directly over a war-zone...

Remember the so-called 'WMD's' which supposedly were hidden through out Saddam Hussein's Iraq?

These were highly significant accusations that eventually sanctioned and officially justified America's expenditure of Trillions in tax-payer money to begin a global, never-ending War on Terror that continues to this day.

From the study of recent History we can see that the American Administration have a great deal of experience when it comes to proxy wars and the overthrow of sovereign, foreign Governments and they understand exactly how destructive & influential the release of unsubstantiated accusations and rumors can be, and how these whispers, if inserted strategically at the right moment ( it's all in the timing ) can significantly shape Public opinion.

Hence these sound bites, headlines and slim, dramatic news releases which are sprayed today in the Western media in livid 'Flashes' and at maximum volume are examples of the nefarious use of technology to infiltrate the unwary, unsuspecting mind.

They are a Tool with which to rally and mobilize an unquestioning rabble of disenfranchised citizens all over the West i.e media lemmings who are the victims of an incessant brain-wash of lies and propaganda..to mobilize public opinion behind their heinous actions!

This is how you seed and foment a revolution or a coup d'etat.

If you control the release and spread of information to the public, you can literally control perceived reality to such an extent that 2 + 2 will equal 5...and anyone with a different opinion will be marginalized and vilified as a conspiracy buff, fringe lunatic or as it has been from the 1950's until today by the dinosaurs ;  a COMMUNIST!

Whatever happened to the Syrian chemical weapons attack which was announced by the Americans in the Western Press, as clearly demonstrating the criminal handiwork of Assad against his own people?

Again, did the Americans seriously think Assad was that stupid?

Had Obama not clearly drawn a line in the sand only a few short months prior to this chemical attack, when he announced to the World that an incident of that type i.e specifically a chemical weapons attack, would be the breaking point for the Western powers and would unwaveringly force America and it's allies to react in a type of moral outrage?

Was ASSAD not watching the news that day?

Or again, more to the point, how stupid do they think those of us who live in the West and are subjected to it's Media, really are?

How rapidly this story and it's unsubstantiated accusation of a Chemical Weapons attack by ASSAD on his own people, how efficiently and rapidly this has all been forgotten by the Western Media...

In fact there have been two separate releases of details since then, from investigations carried out by the United Nations which clearly shows that the attack was perpetrated by the so-called 'Moderate Terrorists', who were ultimately in the employ of, and who were directed by the United States...

But did we read about these new findings in the Western Press?

Did we hear about it from a News FLASH?...even once?...hardly.

America has still to release one shred of evidence supporting its claims that Assad was the perpetrator of this horrendous war-crime on his own people in Syria...and yet this WAR madness doesn't stop and we are still Bombing the innocent people of Syria.

So we are forced to ask ourselves :

Was this then another False-Flag attack?

Surely if the Americans had proof of Assad's complicity i.e if their investigations had produced results favorable to their cause they would have revealed it to the International Press a long time ago...?

And then the US led Military/Industrial Corporatocracy could have used these results for their own vindication, so that they could commence bombing attacks on Syria.

These unsubstantiated accusations rain down on us 24 hrs a day, sometimes overtly and sometimes they are less adamant and more deceptively layered in the language and the phraseology of the debate, but rarely if ever, is there a follow-up.

Why do we not hear about any results...even if they are preliminary?

We see once again from these recent 'Media Events' of Psy-ops exercises that the ancient tried and tested method of controlling the populace through FEAR and divisive demagoguery is still being used by the CIA and an Imperial America and that it is more about the massage rather than the message...and it appears that these methods are beginning to wear thin and look hackneyed and predictable.

The voices coming from the Western Press are sounding ever more shrill and fanatical!

With the entire Western World watching, and considering the extremely biased vilification of Russia and in particular Putin by the Western media, which has in fact gone on for years, does it seriously sound logical and an enlightened strategy for Putin to be invading a Country with his Military?

Any Country?

Especially when you consider the calming, diplomatic style that Putin has chosen recently in the face of the heated rhetoric which is constantly being used over and over in the Western media in a provocative tone, and considering his diplomatic efforts towards a peaceful resolution in negotiating the disposal of any chemical weapons stockpiles.

Against the unhurried ancient movements of the Chinese Dragon and the impassive, yet calm and rational face of the Russian Bear, America and it's Western stooges, and all their lies just look increasingly blatant and desperate.
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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Secret of the Pachyderm in the Room

"IN WAR, TRUTH IS THE FIRST CASUALTY" ~ Phillip Snowden from "Truth and the War"

And so to some extent at least I feel that I am finally coming to a close in this giddying Network dance of facebook posting, and that perhaps now I am merely preaching to the already converted more than I would like to admit...

I feel that the daily utterances in my Diary here have become increasingly stale and repetitious, as by now assuredly those of us who were going to Wake Up, already have...

Therefore, in an effort to prevent myself from becoming just another scattered echo or redundancy in the void, repeatedly making prosaic comments and stating flat, cliched observations which everyone can clearly see by now, I must re-shape the idiom and the message.

Some vagrant, left-over, sporadic thoughts before I begin :

1st day of November @ 5:53pm.

6 Years after the Global Economic Collapse.
The 14th year of the new Millennium.

Written from somewhere inside an urban cave, within the quaint throb and thrall of a traditional Melbourne suburb, a mature, leafy, fine-figured matron of a suburb that is still capable of kicking up her heels...

An elegant old suburb, comparatively speaking for Melbourne, which still took a measure of pride in her own self-publicised, civic appearances on camera and being secretly, at least to some extent, still in love with herself as the quaint little Melbourne suburb which for one brief, enthralling moment a year, could captivate an entire Nation.

A suburb which had maintained a certain level of decency and dignity for it's citizens even after nearly 5 decades of privatization and post-Reagan economic erosion spent slowly withering under the crippling, steady rise of austerity measures which were gradually introduced.
These measures have long been a ubiquitous, world-wide trend particularly in the West, and they are increasingly evident in today's heated climate of extremes as the norm, and as the required and unfortunately necessary bitter-pill to be swallowed for the sake of the Nation and it's Economy, and for the good of one and all.

This slow, monetary bleeding of the bloated, semi-comatose body of the collective citizenry, similar to the blood-letting of our own shire, was certainly an insidious, incremental fate ; one of 'Death by a Thousand Cuts' , a fate which none of the official pundits on our Media screens even to this day, dare to expose or discuss on air.

Through out the innocent, dizzying commercial excesses of the 70's and the 80's, an unspoken, implicit, almost religious Faith in Consumerism and Neoliberalism was spreading like a radio-active rising damp, like a feverish flu which had you hallucinating on neon-tinged clouds, like a Coca-Cola stain which began seeping into the brickwork of Cities right across the globe, whispers of alluring, seductive and counter-revolutionary memes were pouring out from a decadent West.

Within what was once a thriving, buoyant community like ours in suburban Melbourne, it seemed that all those who were present at the table so to speak, in that far more innocent time, could clearly see the inherent superiority of Capitalism over the grim, frozen collectives of Communism, but what was not clear at all was that those who benefited from the rich abundance of new, luxury consumer white-goods flooding onto our shelves were gripped in a kind of heady trance.

We were hopelessly addicted to the glorious promise and the allure of the American Dream, and as its eager and giddy participants in the Consumerist crush, we were naively and unquestioningly on board with the former cowboy and long time Hollywood actor/President of the US when he announced to the World from the New York Stock Exchange floor that he was going 'To Let The Bulls Loose'.

This decision by the Reagan Administration has ultimately been catastrophic for the World's economy, as it has been replicated around the World by Neoliberal Global Capitalists i.e those ruthless and utterly soulless Trans-National Corporations who are devouring our Earth, in their final surge for profits for the 1%; beginning here in Australia with their cries for the De-Regulation of the Banking Industry, as increasingly the Wall Street Corporations and their War-mongering cronies, in a steady and meticulous, collective campaign, sharpened their Lobbying skills and their ability to write and pass legislation which always ran the same way...

Once the ceiling had been lifted from their speculative trades, ultimately removing any legal restrictions completely from Derivative trades by 2001 courtesy of George Bush, and thus letting loose the floodgates of Dark Money, the sky began to fall as this was the final and complete unhinging...

One of the very first, right 'out of the gate' acts of the Bush Administration in January of 2001, according to Michael Ruppert, was to cut, and thereby cripple, the Securities & Exchange Commission's 'Enforcement Budget'.

5 years later came the Collapse.

Place two rabid dogs in a cage together...now remove their restraints...

And so Lehman Bros was sacrificed as the Corporations began rapaciously devouring each other in a feeding-frenzy of financial Cannibalism which continues unabated in this Game of Monopoly to this day.

Austerity campaigns as a political policy and ideology, and it's dishonest siblings, were disseminated as necessary medicine like a subtle jingle with a bullet among the omnipresent babble of nonsensical concept's being promoted with fanfare in the local Press.

As if Quantitative Easing for the 'too big to fail' was a type of 'arcane knowledge' written in a language known only to the cognoscenti of the Corporate machine and empirically held as an unfortunate, but entirely necessary shift of wealth in the form of generous concessions to the 1%.

The Q.E, the Sequestration, and the looting of $8 Billion in Food-Stamps by the Republicans earlier this year were all actions that were par for the course and in-line with the new, austere ethos, representing a continued shift of power, but as far as historical archives are concerned, the Corporate Media, in their continuing efforts to hide any details of global crimes originating on Wall Street, and in order to rewrite and white-wash history, have miraculously avoided any mention of the subject of Inequality and the further Wealth Distribution to the top 1% brought about by these legislative changes.


It appears we have a rather aging Elephant in the room...one which has grown inordinately large, and one which we can no longer afford to ignore : Inequality

The siphoning of wealth to the 1% has become a subject which, despite being introduced as a meme during Occupy World, is nonetheless still deafeningly mute and blatantly absent from Any public debate in the commercial Media, an absence which clearly reveals the guilty secret of where the Media's sympathies and interests lie...at the feet of their Corporate Masters!

These times of ours are now littered with insider corruption, economic collusion, conspiracy and ultimately blatant theft by a pathologically insane Corporatocracy and by a gaggle of puppetry...our political leaders, and yet despite the gestalt epiphany of Occupy Wall Street which spontaneously erupted and burst forth into the collective consciousness, their cries for Justice and accusatory placards still appear to hold very little traction among the plethora of cooking tips and celebrity gossip which is the daily bread of the Modern Media.

The narrative to such a World-wide event as the Global Economic Collapse and the Psy-Ops magician's trick palliative or cure which occurred just days after, was depicted by the Press as necessary adjustments to save the 'Too Big to Fail' Banksters, when in reality it was just another Trillion dollar heist of American Tax-payer money in an appalling litany of psychopathic Greed, corrupt foreclosures and credit-card Banking.

The West has been the victim of an age-old Banking scam which giveth and then taketh away, like a rhythmic tide spanning the decades, and the Tsunami of personal loss which resulted from the collapse this time round, has left enormous gaping wounds like livid, bleeding scars across the heartland of America and the World.

However one rarely if ever sees a report covering the staggering poverty and homelessness which the corrupt Wall Street Banksters have left in their wake.

These events have origins spanning back many decades, and the GEC can be seen as the ultimate product of an ever-increasing trend towards greater Inequality, which began long before the policies of Ronald Reagan had even been dreamed of.

In 1886 the US Supreme Court, relying on the Fourteenth Amendment ruled that a Corporation is a natural person under the U.S. Constitution and had the same rights as human beings including the right of Free Speech and the right to contribute to their favorite political party...this is where the rot began!

Since that day we have witnessed a history driven by policies that have always benefited the tycoons of Industry and the Banksters over and above the people of the United States, something which can be blatantly seen by everyone now thanks to the revelations of Occupy Wall Street.

We have experienced decades of reductionist policies all over the West, which have gradually and unobtrusively been introduced as if one were deftly turning up the heat, as one would do if boiling a Frog, and the prioritising of Capitalist aspirations over the interests of the Public at large have always been justified to us by the Corporate Media ostensibly as an effort to stimulate Economic growth, thereby being a benefit to all of Society, or so at least goes the myth.

These arguments are often subliminal, and are based on agenda driven Policies which leak from a hydra-headed propaganda machine that saturates the air-waves and hence our brains with economic ideas that on a superficial level at least, say on the level of the trite, overly hyperbolic observer from Foxnews and it's ilk, are policies which are presented as squeaky clean as apple pie on the surface, all brimming with goodness after all, what is better than maximising growth for the Corporations?

Or what is better than going to War for Truth, Justice and the American Way?

But in reality these are inevitably policies which are rotten through to the core, and which invariably act against the interests of their own citizens, and they are policies which could only have ever been implemented with the direct assistance of the enormous brain-washing machine that the US Media has become, ever since the formation of Madison Avenue and the pioneering work of Edward Bernays, (Sigmund Freud's nephew) who formed and named the first ever Office of Public Relations as early as 1919.

“Trickle-down theory represents the less than elegant metaphor that if one feeds the horse enough oats, some will pass through to the road for the sparrows.~J.K.Galbraith

The concept of a type of wealth that will magically trickle down like champagne from the wealthy elite to the poor and huddled masses down below in the streets, is an example of a destructive meme which has permeated the modern consciousness in the West, and this especially corrosive and spurious notion has been perpetuated by the whores of the Media with absolutely no scientific basis whatsoever for many decades now, despite having been critiqued and revealed as fraudulent, or at the very least 'highly suspect' Economic theorising, already back in the 1950's by none other than the esteemed Economist John Kenneth Galbraith.

Today reports and studies are now turning into a flood of consensus:

A recent example is a 2012 study by the Tax Justice Network which shows us that the wealth of the super-rich does not trickle down to improve the economy of the rest of society, but rather tends to be amassed and sheltered in tax havens with a negative effect on the tax bases of the home economy.

This is something which should now be viewed as self-evident, and can be easily demonstrated with a simple tour along some of the highways and around certain cities in the US today.
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