Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Unusual Schooling of Alice

Note# This is soon to become a new extract from “Taking Liberties with Lewis Carroll” which is available from

‘Eventually Alice came to understand that Rabbit's crazy concerns about a ghost in the technological shell had indeed held some merit after all, but it required an arduous, painful odyssey finally culminating in that one blistering moment of clarity...
Realization had unceremoniously dawned in Alice's mind at the most inopportune of moments, as she was being tossed pathetically like a rag-doll in and out of awareness, transfixed by a mysterious, enigmatic truth, that floated to the surface like an elusive message in a bottle, a truth birthed in the rhythmically hissing foam that caressed the undulating shores of her collective unconscious.
She was somehow miraculously back in her studio, of that much she felt confident, as she could smell her coffee machine, and hear it’s frenetic, burbling, sputtering commotion, but beyond that was much more difficult to discern.
This was no doubt due to a growing conviction that her entire corporeal structure was being turned to stone, and that included the eyes, the retina and the optic nerves she noted impassively, while her visual scenery flickered in and out, folding in on itself, and she was at once on that park bench with Rabbit, teetering precariously like a shy, withdrawn schoolgirl at the edges of a deeply personal melancholy, which often filled up her mind like a dirty lake on those lonely, embittered afternoons.
Yet simultaneously she was here, in the relative security of her darkly throbbing home, with banks of screens, her favorite Cat named Marlowe and the exotic, sterile rear section of the house containing banks of quantum computing processors, over which, as live-in attendant she was required to watch, taking daily tabulations and noting any aberrant results, results which came like comets, all too infrequently.
Alice and the Rabbit drifted helplessly towards the horizons of their own inner-space interiors, their own semi-conscious worlds, with Alice rather sensibly using the time to try and unravel whatever it was, that her deeply intuitive epiphany held in secret for her, coaxing out a riddle, an aching mystery that crept like an itch at the edges of her conscious awareness, as another cheap and indifferent night materialized in a steady drip of film-noir light that seeped and pulsed through the cracks and the improvised curtains of her unfinished room after artificial dark-time was announced in their particular industrial bubble.
The room was constantly under repair as it evolved and grew like a ball of glowing energy, needing permanent updating, requiring enormous fans and climate controlling technologies to ward off, and pluck out any electro-magnetic interference, any positively charged ions, and eliminate all other types of ‘noise’ from the room instantly. Not all major cities had moved over yet to the resource-based economic boom which was beginning to populate the planet in protective domes against the worst excesses of climate change, but the sterile, routine artificiality of the nights seemed like a small price to pay thought Alice, for calm, predictable weather.
Time had crept by tediously slow for both of them, and eventually they both understood how they were caught, by one of the Queen's 'Obedience, Law & Order' nanobot-army 'Sweeps', which were designed to target the unkempt, untidy and unruly 'Individuals' in society...there must have been a nanobot sweep, that would explain the phase-switching sensation of multiple, simultaneous locations which was well-publicized, and they had been caught in its blanket saturation of her sector, in one of the Queen’s monthly sweeps through it’s poorest, most undisciplined regions targeting those recently active resistors, dissidents, artists, anarchists and social misfits commonly known on the streets as the 'Individuals'...or the ‘COLLECTIVE, or the Lunatic Fringe.
In this regard at least, Rabbit and Alice had been fortunate in that the Queen had already famously witnessed the loss of both of her crystalline palaces, twin symbols of regal pomposity that greeted all visitors to the Queen’s harbor, shattered under impossibly tall mountains of ocean waves, monstrous walls of brine which had moved in packs on that historic morning at incredible speed, pounding the coast and reducing the twin symbols of her reign into detritus , and thus she had been well prepared against a third eventuality by encompassing her entire kingdom in a mega-sized, industrial, ‘VENUS’ dome. A DNA targeted genetic weapon had been unleashed courtesy of that infamous bureaucracy known as the ‘Department of Evil’, which singled out those particular strands of ‘aberrant’ genetic information that represented in the minds of the Queen’s medical fraternity, a departure from the norm, in what was defined by these men as; manifesting conduct not fitting or proper in our post-millennial Gnu age. But unless Alice and Rabbit could find a way to liberate themselves from immobility, they, along with some of her neighbors and most of the street would be forced to simply wait it out.
In the meantime hopefully they would remain undiscovered by the Queen’s uniformed clones, as they trawled the alleyways, and as the seconds crept by like lengthy hours until the unsettling wave of tiny discharges from the swarming nanobot army dispersed naturally.
Seemingly forgotten, abandoned to the Sun's torturous beams and the withering scalpel of it's relentless, mid-day interrogations, the Sun’s searing sacrament of light, Alice and the Rabbit withered and writhed in a state of lucid immobility, while the remains of the nauseous, nanobot chemical attack finally dissolved into the State owned and operated afternoon airs.
A flash! Sparks began shooting behind her eyes, like streams of meteorites in a summer night sky. There it was again...a flicker of understanding, an epiphany perhaps occurring at a deep substrate of her subconscious...then without warning, the luminosity became overwhelming.
Realization dawned as if an incredibly bright spotlight was abruptly switched on, and there they sat transfixed, clearly silhouetted with the light searing them both to the park bench into which they dissolved, like bleached mannequins, clinging to a fragment of life-raft, which oscillated and hummed energetically, before finally being consumed in the glare of the unnamed planet’s unremitting, only vaguely Art-Deco Sun.
The air had become a translucent treacle which slowed down time sufficiently to enable a whole new awareness of their environs, and it was into this static moment that an artificial, fully autonomous dragonfly abruptly emerged to their utter astonishment, and with great sweeps of its powerful wings they both watched breathlessly in a captive trance, as the simulacra began to hover like a glistening, chlorophyll-green angel in the still-born air. An ancient, pagan song pierced the sterile darkness in rapturous tones as intricate vibrations were emitted from the tiny machine, causing in some an uncontrollable desire for weeping.
And if so, to what purpose? and under whose direction was she being tormented in this way?
Alice lay helpless as the fat, thickening air slowed time around her, finally enabling the ‘something’ that had crawled along the back of her awareness like a wounded dog in an alleyway to slowly emerge into the light. It began to dawn on Alice that a steady trickle of prosaic and all-too familiar objects from her normally mundane, electronic world had been increasing in activity for quite some time now, and the only possible conclusion was that her hardware was being somehow hijacked, hacked, but as if to a higher, and still unspoken purpose. Or was it her visual-processing gear, that was merely replaying past tape loops in an endless stream, as she lay trapped inside her mortal cage of flesh?
Or was this merely an illusion caused by the nanobots micro-chemical attack, since she couldn’t be sure of anything yet she was forced to remain cautious in her assumptions although a mirage was certainly growing, if that is what it was, from segments of the back wall that appeared to be merging, becoming members of a clandestine, machine-underground that digitally bleeped and gave inaudible pronouncements to other segments, which ticked away the nano-seconds of her tedious chemical trap in a visibly rising state of artificial awareness, as if a synthetic life-form was becoming aware of it’s own physical dimensions.
She decided that her best course of action was to simply allow these disparate, separate strands of reality to play themselves out...something had to eventually give way, or reveal it’s hand. Was her hardware autonomously switching itself on and being hooked up, forming some kind of communicating network gestalt?

As Alice listened and looked on dreamily in astonishment, she began to see every mechanical device, her entire back wall of glass screens, every mobile transceiver in a completely new, and paranoia-inducing context.
They were speaking to each other! Feeding each other possibly unfathomable information!
Information which in it’s binary manifestations, was intentionally designed to be beyond our human understanding, however much genetically altered...and meanwhile the precise banks of hardware continued to network, rapidly arriving at a state of exponential growth.

It was as if her bed covers had suddenly been swept back, revealing a yawning, cavernous hole which had been there the whole time, a hole which sucked at her bright essence hungrily, gobbling up data as she momentarily glimpsed beneath the surface and into the inky waters which lapped the shores on the other side of her nightly landscape of dreams..
Staring with wide, terrified eyes right through her bed, suddenly falling straight down into the open maw of her subconscious, which gaped back at her as she fell, teeming with swollen, watery eyes and malevolent shapes that snapped at her breath with vicious teeth, swarming through the waters of her soul like blind Golems...
These were unnatural, mechanical beings with powerful strokes, like radioactive sharks that restlessly combed the teeming waters with dark, crimson mouths and even darker hearts, sniffing for secrets like burning diamonds that were hidden in their guilt-laden meals.
"That is The question of the moment, the hour and the century if I am not mistaken eh, Alice my girl? What IS spying like???" he echoed, almost daring.’
Elbeshausen, Jules (2015-10-21). Taking Liberties with Lewis Carroll (Kindle Locations 966-979). Jules Elbeshausen. Kindle Edition
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The ID of Capitalism

I notice that certain so-called 'enlightened' cyberspace pundits like Mark (You're not getting my guns!) Passio, are using the term Marxist in the pejorative...
So 'Marxism' then, is Evil is it?
What, as opposed to Capitalism I suppose?

The ID of capitalism is often personified by the followers of Ayn Rand, as they ride like unbridled Bulls through the China-shop of our own culture which is otherwise known as : The Kulture of Stupidity.

A culture in which we work hard and party hard, and dance our way merrily to our own extinction whilst simultaneously paying our Jailers for the privilege.

The source of a great deal of problems inherent to the Middle-Eastern Islamic states has been traditionally recognized by the West as the lack of separation between Church and State.

This is something which is held as indispensable for a Free and Open Society.

The clear-cut distinction in governance between the Western nations and those of the Middle-East often gives rise to an air of condescension and superiority here in facebook land by the more racist and rabid facebook posters.

Although this difference is fairly obvious, what is so conveniently often forgotten by critics of the middle-east is that here in the West, although we have managed to loosen the bonds between church and state, our problem is quite possibly even more devastating in it's ramifications i.e the lack of Separation between the Corporate interests otherwise known as the Corporatocracy & the State!

This is potentially far more serious as it is a scenario which spells the definition of Fascism.

And the ramifications are troubling to say the least...

As it was first discussed by Karl Marx, Capitalism is inherently without any kind of regulatory organ, being just pure unadulterated lust for profit like a primal urge.

There can be no other consideration as without profit, Capitalism sinks and goes under, and 'poof' ceases to exist.

Therefore survival is at stake as a Corporation's very existence is dependent on profit, and must be maintained above all other concerns, Human or otherwise.

Ayn Rand is the poster child for the ruthless ID of Capitalism, and her followers today chant mantra-like their Libertarian objectives for Capitalism, claiming that any form of Government oversight is Bad, which to my mind is insane and simply nonsensical i.e they want to do away with all government regulation completely, in other words acting without any kind of regulatory body or ethical code themselves, and having been revealed as unscrupulous opportunists and thieves, they now wish to remove all restraints completely and be allowed to ride unbridled and unhindered like the primal force of ID, through the China shop of our Kulture and our World.

The ID as defined by Freud is an instinctual, usually aggressive, primal force of 'Unconscious' energy and it is what makes our lack of separation between the Corporatocracy and the State potentially far more damaging for it's citizens compared with our cousins in the Middle-East, as they in the ME are at least still largely governed by ancient Moral precepts.

In the Middle-East, although Society has been shaped by the tenets of an ancient work of fiction resembling our own Bible in many ways, despite their misguided efforts to control a population via primitive fantasy notions, their Religion does at least acknowledge and address the human condition as it attempts to alleviate society's suffering, however misguided.

Whereas in the Western world there are no such concerns as Money, otherwise known as 'filthy lucre', an inanimate object and a mere abstraction, has become our God and our Religion, Consumerism our obsession as any Spiritual fibre is replaced by Materialism and our success stories like the KOCH Bros, our 'Captains at the helm' are in direct contrast quite often psychopathic, spiritually and morally bankrupt CEOs i.e looters, Pirates on the high-seas of finance...such as the Banksters of Wall Street who ride like headless horsemen unfettered through our Kulture and our World.

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Dangerous Delusions and the Exotic Truffles of Growth

Christine Lagarde from the IMF is floundering, caught up in tiny eddies of doubt...

She scans the teleprompter in vain for a signpost...for the pathway leading out of this mess that we have created for ourselves...for the direction Home.

Christine Lagarde, is like so many of our ‘Solution-Free’ leaders in the West, at least those who remain naively sincere and who are still not entirely corrupted by the process; they glide effortlessly onto our screens like the lost souls of our news channels...

With vagrant, fearful looks from eyes that can no longer really see, they stumble through a dark realm of misinformation and Spin, filled with the ghostly forests of intergovernmental reports, and the endless minutes of panels that report on intergovernmental inquiries over 10 increasingly opaque volumes...obsessively searching for the rumored exotic truffles of growth that are still purported to exist, somewhere within the economies of the Earth...

Hmmm...these could turn out to be the mythical Islands of Hope that were briefly described by English explorers at the turn of the twentieth century...

It is as if the revelation that 'trickle-down' was just a con-job did not exist, as if the De-Regulation of Banking, further 'enabling'  global capitalists to have their way unfettered with our economy in order to manipulate money and make its 'growth' look like legitimate financial maneuverings, had not all just been exposed as merely creative theft, by an industry whose silhouette looked increasingly like a giant casino, frozen like a fox caught in the headlights, in the glare of the global economic collapse of 2008.

Their hot-air arguments about growth being spread in the media and on the 'news' channels, their justifications for limiting government interference in their Trade plans such as NAFTA, and the TPPA, and lowering the tax rate for Corporations, it was as if these had not long ago been revealed as the empty, spent rhetoric, the economic fantasies of a bunch of greedy, morally bankrupt blockheads, justifying their behavior as good for the economy and hence good for You and Me!!!

Nothing could be further from the truth as can be seen in the recent expose of the "PANAMA PAPERS...

'Trickle-Up' is indeed the true meme behind our spiritually-dead Post-crash age and unfortunately in Australia, these Wall Street 'good-for-business' types with their spent philosophies can best be represented today by none other than our very own Goldman Sachs boy, our Liberal Leader Malcolm Turnbull.

Sigh...I am so bored by these spokesmen and women and their utter lack of imagination.

When can I expect to see an Elon Musk-type become a leader in our Western political world?

Or is originality and the innovative application of science coupled with intelligent thinking anathema to our political ideologies?

Are virtue or intellectual excellence extinguished by ignorance in the oxygen-deprived atmosphere of our political bubble?

When will our political leaders begin to look for alternative, innovative and original solutions to our contemporary problems instead of the cliched hackneyed thinking of the past?

De-growth and a green, sustainable Resource Based Economy is what we truly require, as the repetitious, parroting cries for a boost to stimulate growth in our economies, these mechanical hollow soundbites to attain further growth for the GDP and so forth are today merely the echoes of ideas long dead.

These ideas are most certainly dead, as we will never return in terms of wealth, to the healthy, burgeoning economies of our halcyon past i.e those giddy days we spent vacationing...

Basking under the cosy rays of a middle-class Sun, holding hands as we trawled along foreign beaches searching for meaning, oblivious to the pain and suffering, the impact which our affluent life-styles and our rapacious economic system had wrought on our host country

And as we strolled blissfully guilt-free through the markets of another third world country, shopping for ancient kitsch in an intoxicated, smoky haze, as we danced between the raindrops and the detritus of our ubiquitous Plastic age, the Earth wept and bombs rained down somewhere else, somewhere out of sight, all in the name of an economic system that was stealing the wealth from the Third World, and from the future children of the Earth.

Like Bugs Bunny still peddling air after racing off a cliff, suspended in mid-air by his own belief that he is on a road, thus these unsustainable ideas continue to prosper as they are ‘maintained’ as real in the minds of the ‘true believers’, those unfortunate sleep-walkers that patrol the shopping aisles, who remain stubbornly still addicted to the compulsive thrills, the heady consumerist rush of the American Dream, despite all evidence to the contrary.

These notions are constantly reinforced by our Media as 'repetition is good', and it makes them difficult to let go of, especially if you have skin in the game so to speak, and you are still working 6 days a week towards an outcome 30 years hence, meaning that you have not paused, and have therefore not looked to the horizon to see what is looming so frighteningly up ahead.

Once upon a time...not so many decades ago these ideas were a tangible reality for a burgeoning, prosperous middle-class in the West, and this is perhaps why they are still being perpetuated like meaningless jingles across our screens, inevitably being swallowed up each evening, in a cacophony of harmonizing lies, government porn and glittering hyperbole.

Their cries for growth are literally impossible in today's world, for if every company on Earth successfully thrived and achieved say for example merely 10% growth, if every company simultaneously achieved that target it would place so much strain on our infrastructure, that there would be catastrophic follow-on effects.

Like a run on a Bank which causes that Bank to implode.

Exponential growth is a frightening phenomenon to behold, and should be a mantra taught to all politicians.

A tragic indicator for the lack of imagination of our Neo-Liberal Western leaders is the fact that every leader with rare exceptions, I’m not sure about Trudeau yet, every other leader sounds the same and has an identical approach; it's all about growing the Money as Money reigns supreme.

Their cries for growth sound increasingly desperate and futile, as we all know and admit to ourselves deep in our heart of hearts, quietly in the dead of night, that we are only attempting to encourage a Cancer to grow and destroy even more of our environment and especially our ecology if we aspire after more growth, only hastening the demise of life itself on our precious home by repeating the West’s destructive Neo-Liberal mantra of growth through austerity for the dispossessed, the disenfranchised and the 99 percent, and by carrying on in the present direction, on a path which has been clearly mapped out by climatologists in recent years.

To arrive at this radical conclusion we require only a cursory glance at our collective behavior and its ramifications via a helicopter circumnavigating the Earth.

As we wake up to the Sixth Anthropocene Mass Extinction event for the Planet Earth, I offer you these simple random premises that :

1. Our economic model of global capitalism has mushroomed enormously in the materialistic, artificially maintained, polluted airs, having had most of its restraints removed by the back-room machinations of Corporate lobbyists over decades of bribery and collusion.

2. As a result our system now runs amok like a deranged harlequin in the unnatural light, one who eventually went insane from his own toxic environment and the chemical soup he lives off, after being such a loud, brazen pied-piper to our culture for so long...who is now infected by his own contagious media lies and the hysteria it generates, and who is now willing to set fire to his own house for the sake of short-term profits.

In other words our system has mutated, and is now like a bull in the china-shop of our precious environment, it is totally out of control, being unchained from any regulatory restraints, and manifests in behavioral terms undeniably the designs of a psychopath.

For example how could the American economic experiment be described as anything but ‘catastrophic’ or 'psychopathic' when it requires a constant state of Wars and unlawful invasions just to remain financially afloat?

Literally killing its own customers!!!

Meanwhile the Panama Papers, in a vainglorious nostalgia for the good ole days of the 'Cold-War' 50's, despite being a tool of the Obama administration in a futile effort to further vilify the evil PUTIN, reveals the old adage once again that :

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" ~ Lord Acton.

It showed us all that we should expect no less from our economic system, when our system fosters success stories like Donald Trump.

It is hardly a surprise that our corrupt greedy leaders in the West, who represent the values of our system, who are invariably a part of the 1%, our Leaders that make the decisions which ultimately reverberate down into our streets, have been revealed to be unfairly and selfishly influencing the distribution of wealth and capital for themselves at our expense, by sucking inordinate amounts of money out of the economy of our world, secreting it away in remote hiding spots like Panama, thereby placing further strain on the already impoverished resources of the State.

Their clandestine behavior in hiding from the world their real true wealth off-shore, was revealed by the PANAMA PAPERS... as they slept securely under sanctimonious protestations of 'privacy' which were viciously reinforced and maintained by a small army of legal sharks.

This was all viewed as perfectly ‘legal’ and therefore reasonable; as they simultaneously advocated and assisted in the persecution and victimization, the legal-harassment and the undermining of the citizen and his ‘right to privacy’...

None of this rang any alarm bells or struck them as in any way abnormal when viewed from the relative security and tranquility of their blister-wrap, bubble-world, shrouded and cocooned by their obscene wealth, because it had long been stipulated in their Insurance contracts that no trace amount of the woeful hypocrisy inherent in their position and in their politics should ever be pointed out to them...

Profit justifies any type of behavior at all, it justifies the means and in a world based on monetary values, a corporation with its tremendous wealth, and therefore influence, is always viewed and portrayed as on the side of 'right' and good.

Corporations are depicted as job-creators, and therefore are too important to interfere with, too valuable to restrict or offend by asking inconvenient questions publicly.

When will we outgrow our immaturity regarding leaders?

When oh Lord will the veils lift from our eyes so that status and position are no longer sufficient to grant those in positions of power instant, elevated, semi-divine stature?

We obviously need to re-think our conditioning of infants...

Respect is to be earned and should not be viewed as the divine right of a person’s position.

A Meritocracy is surely infinitely preferable to the 'divine right' of certain positions of power?

Our corporations today and the oligarchy which always forms around such centers of influence and power, are welcomed obsequiously at the door with much bowing and scraping from our governments, granting them free access, Carte Blanche to exploit any resource at all, and any damage to the local environment is always cheaper to pay for in fines in the courts, as opposed to actually genuinely cleaning it up, because as long as profit is maintained nothing else matters...

Certainly not any ethical considerations and it is this unempathetic, reckless disregard for the consequences of their actions which, when viewed collectively on our environment demonstrates so vividly the wrongheadedness of our system and the fatally-flawed nature of its subliminal messages in the mass media.

The sub-text of our consumer culture has suddenly been illuminated by the Panama Papers...brightly revealed as just more pre-fabricated, synthetic hype in the day-glo dawn of the big city and its 24 Hour Days.

The cynical, hysterical carnival atmosphere of our Media has been allowed to flourish for many decades now by its C.I.A handlers, creating in the process of manipulating minds a unique amalgam, a debilitating mind-soup...

As if spoiled and then disenfranchised citizens were children that needed to be distracted, as if a magician was deviously preparing his audience for the next trick, while the adults and the bogus chicanery of the West continues unabated on multiple stages in dark, sleek idiot-boxes, embedding its toxic memes into a host of Psy-Ops manipulations that have become (with the exception of sport) the only narrative left, the only game in town on our daytime news streams...

In the evenings, another program of coded manipulations begins as the C.I.A ramps up the fear and the jingoism...mounting waves of tension rise interspersed with the glittering inserts of eye-candy and aggressive soundbites all merging towards a feverish, coca-cola climax in the dazed minds of our distracted children, building a metamorphic ball of seething hostility and hysteria.

The infection needs to be lanced, the pressure must be released!

A problem i.e a common enemy to unite against has been successfully manufactured (exactly as Hitler had done) by the Men in which now festers and requires a Solution!!!

And as you know, there is only ONE solution when your best technology is a bomb designed to extinguish life!


“WAR IS A RACKET’ ~ Major General Smedley Butler

Like loud, incessantly chattering insecure guests who need to hear their own voices, the West continues to constantly dominate the air-waves with its vapid, fallacious rhetoric of self-justification.

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks..." ~ Shakespeare.

And the moral high-ground is naturally always right there...I mean, where else would it be?

Trumpeting its inherent god-given moral supremacy and its accompanying right to invade or make war on other sovereign nations.

There is clearly something drastically wrong with our system of economic governance when it can create, nourish and foster players i.e economic actors who appear to be not only deaf to the cries of children burning in phosphorous wars, but who are also quite willing to sacrifice our own future well-being, or even their own, in a type of suicidal bargain for the sake of transient, short term gain.

The messages coming from our commercial media contain a thinning agent which appears to water down any profundity, dulling our hearts and minds with trivia and sensationalism.

This trivialization ultimately affects all of us that need to survive in this monetary world by confounding our minds and filling us up with distractions from what is actually an alarming, shocking contemporary reality...

It incrementally robs us of meaning, stripping away our empowerment with simple techniques of distraction and poisonous memes, so that we can no longer collectively mount any serious mental opposition to our Governments and it's rain of Spin, as they simultaneously take away control of our own lives with a thousand legislative strikes... metaphorically placing a led-flashing collar around our necks with shackles made from self-perpetuating Debt which are based on archaic concepts of 'ownership' and property rights.

These are concepts that were conceived of philosophically by men in a very different, nascent age.

By men who therefore naturally also had a very different view of the world and of their place within it compared to our perspective today.

Debt which is part of an abstract, invented financial instrument was always the dark side of Money, and it has changed very little over the Millennium.

Currently it is being used to coerce people to do things which they would otherwise never have considered, as slavery thrives openly under other names in our economic climate of debt-based money.

Debt is methodically taking control over every inch of our entire planet thanks to an abstract, dangerous delusion called Money, thus reducing 99% of the Earth's population into abject servitude...almost all of us are economic slaves as everything on Earth has a price-tag attached.

Currently we are down to 62 individuals that own as much as half of the entire Earth according to OXFAM, as our economic system of debt-based money continues in its downhill trajectory like a midnight ghost train careening out of control through the smog...choking the life out of our planet and all who live on it, hastening its pace before the final crash of our global economic system occurs, an epic event that finally begins to make the 1%'s claims of 'ownership' look obsolete and impossible to maintain.

For how can 'private' property be maintained, when the very concept of 'private' and 'privacy' is rapidly becoming extinct?
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Saturday, February 20, 2016


Note* I'm not attacking legitimate, orthodox Religion...I'm attacking charlatans like Ted Cruz...amongst other role-models.
You can't pray to be successful in a business merger.
Or did I miss the sermon on the mount where Jesus discussed how to be a success in Business????

Maybe I should check my emails.

The following, apart from the Exxon quote, is complete fiction.

Dex Pillerson, the CEO of one of the largest and most infamous of corporations, namely ExxonMobil, who works in one of the most profitable and rapacious industries on Earth, recently made a candid statement about his Life, his loves and his particular philosophy on life.

As an example of his philosophy in application, he described an act known as ‘radical generosity’, a term coined by Mr Dex Pillerson to demystify his controversial solutions to ending the food and water riots in his local community, riots which were now exploding all over the World, as well as through out his shire like a series of staged fireworks exhibitions.

Mr Pillerson put down the telephone receiver and explained:

"My strategy is simple, you divide and conquer.

Lets say for example some activists have taken over an area disrupting the mining production and manufacturing industry in your town.

You target the most radical bunch of food and water activist’s within the area that you wish to eliminate, to debug, and then you acquiesce to their demands by giving them exactly what they want...20 times over!"

"When the others see what they have, and the amount and quality of non-gmo food and fresh, clean water it creates so much resentment and enmity, that they sense betrayal and eventually a skirmish develops over a carton of eggs or whatever.

It's like that tiny leak in the dam, which brought the entire dam down...and so from there it only takes a few words in the right direction, the right meme dropped into the right headline, and Bobs your uncle...and even if he isn't, once that trickle begins my boy, it's all over bar the shouting mate.

Freely translated : "Let the money Flow!" ~ "Let Business Run!"

"In other words you break up the organization from within"  Pillerson puffed proudly amidst coils of pipe smoke, jabbing at the air with some organic material in his organic, hand-carved pipe, as he elaborated for the sake of the local community that had braved the wet elements lashing the coast, coming out in reasonably sized handfuls, like fairy penguins, to personally welcome him.

Looking every inch the financial guru, something which the local press had quickly picked up on, Pillerson had been described as: 'a CEO's CEO...' in a cringe-worthy local headline sounding every bit like a line of adolescent hero-worship from some tear-stained diary.

As our local-boy made good celebrity magnanimously gave away free samples from his latest cottage enterprise of home-grown, ORGANIC, ‘magically enhanced’ medicinal herbs, promising equal-opportunity employment for all he shouted:  "The first one's always Free Boys, remember that!" promptly receiving a rousing ovation followed by a stolid, lack-luster rendition of : "For he's a jolly good Fellow."

It seemed that Pillerson, despite receiving the equivalent of a King's ransom for a salary just couldn't let go...he had to keep his hand in so to speak, as a committed, confirmed venture Capitalist by investing in a series of local business opportunities.

According to the packaging which he himself had written, these 'handy-sized' containers of medicinal Power-herbs, like any good snake-oil salesman's claims, were capable of alleviating and in some cases curing a wide host of bizarre and often bewildering ailments ranging from apoplexy, the inability to laugh, loss of appetite, an inability to fantasize or doodle, it helped with an inability to appreciate music, among other things, and even gout would somewhat relent under the sway of his magically enhanced herbs.

Although Dex was the Chief Snake-oil salesman and CEO of the largest Oil empire in the history of man, and therefore entitled to an equally monstrous, disproportionate share of the wealth, Dex believed in the virtues of the proletarian work-ethic, and therefore he never missed an opportunity to teach his youngsters how to make ‘spending money’ in a matter of hours on any given weekend, an amount usually equivalent to what an employee of his could earn, at least when the conditions were right, working for an entire month.

Blissfully unaware of the hostility generated by their iniquitous, privileged position, one which only obscene amounts of money could grant them, a situation which was all too common among the children of the 1%, these lessons on 'making money' were for his boys invariably a grueling and tedious experience, being literally forced to watch their VR Avatars going through the motions.

But it was a lesson, one of many which his children's Avatars needed to learn, observed Dex, and so a VR Church was built right in the heart of their local Grocer-Mart, a convenient, recent business acquisition of his which turned out to be ideal for that authentic ‘one-stop’ shopping experience with a religious theme at its heart.

For the children of Dex Pillerson it soon became a cherished place, with a Bible education class that focused extensively on the financial aspects of God's accounting house in the ancient World, and housing a pet-dinosaur exhibit second to none, it was here among the displays and glass cabinets of Intelligent Design, that nonsensical 'science' was finally proven wrong and given its marching orders thought Dex with smug satisfaction, and it was here within these sacred walls that his children were diligently instructed on how to make greater profits using a new, racier version of the Old Testament for inspirational lessons.

Intense, 3-hour marathon Bible classes, with full blood-curdling action sequences were held almost religiously, every other Sunday...needless to say it was always a packed house.

There was always a golden, one-off Business opportunity involved in the midst of the revelations that were uncovered.

Supervised by his boys, they would privately challenge each other in a race to see who could make the first infusion of cash, and the sessions would always end the same way, with 'tokens of interest' i.e investment donations being sucked from the wireless pockets of the assembled local community in thin, densely colored, streams of digital particles, which were then speedily reassembled in a nearby counting-house room before their patrons could fully appreciate exactly what had happened.

And so to his Philosophy...:~

Quoth he ; “My Philosophy is to make money” March 7, 2013

So, this was said with the assured ease and poise of one of the planet's true success of Capitalism’s real-life, heroic role-models.

Gosh, one would assume that he must be devastatingly perceptive, and acutely talented to have attained such a lofty perch, such a remote and rarefied ivory tower from which to wax poetically, from which to ponder and pontificate about Life and it’s seemingly incorruptible mysteries...

From this bewildering height above the terrain, what marvelous, unique vistas of understanding I imagine await us, having lain dormant for so many centuries, and which can now perhaps finally be revealed to us by his research staff?

In other words what unique perspective, and wisdom concerning our collective fate can this CEO with his best Futurologists and Scientists provide us, from the hermetically-sealed, surgical atmosphere of his fully self-contained Lab?

What sweeps of history, what arcs of technological development will Dex Pillerson's philosophy encompass I wonder?

Let us consider again what was said, and see if we can learn and deduce something from what must be rare wisdom indeed.

"My Philosophy is to make Money"...Yeh, look you said that already...Oh, come on Really? Seriously?

And that was all she wrote...?

That was the best he could come up with?

Hmmm...not exactly a great deal of content to interpret, but I guess brevity is the Soul of Wit as Shakespeare would have us believe...

"Not to end World hunger, or World poverty perhaps? No, I guess not...

Tsk, tsk, even the Miss World beauty contestants scored better than that.

Not to lead a decent, ethically and morally pure Life? No?

My philosophy...” er yes, Mr Pillerson, We know, it is to make money.

Not to devote your Life to helping others, like say the ill, the needy and the crippled...?

Not to study, and then perhaps to educate, to teach on Life's mysteries? Certainly not...

No, of course not...I said it’s to make Money!"

Nor does his philosophy aid or assist us, when embarking on that final intangible journey across the river succor, no compassion is to be found.

There is no humanity in his message, not even the remotest sign of emotional intelligence...or for that matter any sign of intelligence at all.

There is merely the sound of machine gears clicking and a bleak, howling desert wind.

His philosophy offers no words of joy or empathy, or especially on his part; gratitude; for ‘being alive’ long enough to bear witness, as the southern hemisphere softly, and so achingly reveals itself in the evenings, pulsing breathlessly as it emerges to unveil a wounded night sky filled with grey-pink roses...

It does not attempt to define, or bear witness to the beauty and the majesty of God as defined by your own understanding...Sigh...

God must be surely be pitied as having the unique and ironic privilege of being the only galactic entity, the only omnipotent being in the entire universe which needs to come wrapped in its own preamble, and lives more in a cardboard or leather-bound book, scattered across the globe, than anywhere else in the tangible, physically verifiable world.

Nor it seems, having traveled the ladder upwards ever upwards, right through the glass-ceiling and into the rarefied climes of the 1%, nor has this experience granted or imbued our little CEO's vision, his philosophy, with any desire or ability to uplift, ennoble, move or inspire anyone or anything other than himself...

Which, if you think about it, is no mean feat, and is actually quite an accomplishment in the arena of 'Selfishness' all by itself!

No, it’s er, all about the making of : ‘Filthy Lucre...’...his money.

Just between you and me, I cannot think of a more selfish, more insular and of a more clone-like mindset than the cognitive cocoons of our industrious CEOs, as they jet about in the air-conditioned skies like slick, bloated angels, giddy on the guilt and privilege, inebriated on their 1% airs...and blissfully unaware of the tragic consequences of their actions on our is as Dylan said : "You play with my World, like its your little Toy".

I mean just look at the shallow, indifferent greed and insensitivity, and what is to my mind at least, a type of masochistic service to a warped dream, to a sick, obsession in which the subject and object have become confused, entangled...

Where Money is no longer merely a means to an end and a paper tiger abstraction, it has become the thing-in-itself, to be lusted after above all other considerations...

The type of materialistic viewpoint being preached by our CEO, in which every fiber of our Spiritual landscape is being eroded and replaced with an incessantly babbling Consumer environment, leads us by the nose straight back to Money, in a relationship doomed to failure, as it does not and cannot nourish what some have termed ‘the human soul’ for want of a better name.

Producing instead generations of needy, dysfunctional, fatally-flawed children who have been nurtured by the same message, who yearn uncertainly for something to buy, which can fill the hole in their hearts, pathetically chasing after the blessings of an indifferent God in a tragic, needy relationship.

It was Gabor Mate who first described these victims of the environmental effects of modern Consumerism as ‘Hungry Ghosts’ after an ancient Buddhist text.

The voice of our false idol in the temple of WALL ST is filled with alluring promises, but invariably becomes more absent and distant of meaning, as we attempt to capture and re-live the superficial sugary ‘high’ which the rewards of materialism initially invoked...

These children of a plastic dawn arose out of the toxic forest of a Consumer-oriented Shoppers paradise, and they are like unfortunate moths to the light, if they don’t escape their perceptual chains, they will eventually be destroyed by their own particular obsessive addictions, attempting to quell the bottomless pain in the wan, unequal exposure to the light, starved of oxygen, sucking on the Consumer dream like a life-line to their sanity, and just drifting aimlessly through society, looking for the next angry fix, with no direction to home, no compass and shrouded in a black, spirit-sapping powdery darkness.

Relax...those fleeting shadows behind your eyes are not God, they are merely the after-glow of over-stimulation of the optic nerve, a result of over exposure from the mass media and its ubiquitous screens.

Screens which tell me that I am inadequate, not good enough, beautiful enough, sharp enough, clean enough or rich enough, and that in order to fill the void in my life, I need to Consume...

“What???...but you promised me I’d be Happy...if only I had the latest i-phone...”

Personally, I don't know about you but I am getting pretty sick and tired of hearing their particular form of enlightened wisdom, which is really just an incessant bleating, a single-strand, monotone message, a one-note repetitious droning sound about 'more cash' over and over...and quite honestly?

I think that it is obvious to all of us that our 'little world' is seriously in trouble, and I think that Gaia feels the same way...this Earth of ours cannot handle much more of their mono-dimensional, single-tone insanity! Their rigorous, dogmatically-straight thinking.

Are our benighted Leaders so seriously lacking in imagination, in intellectual aptitude?

Can none of these 'Heads' or 'Captains' of our industries see any other approach or solutions to the calamitous, critical state which our world is in, other than just more of the same ole, same ole?

Are they all so conditioned by our Machine-like, unconscious System that they cannot see that throwing further money after our collective problems is just throwing more fuel on the fire?

I think it was Einstein who observed that repeatedly committing the same identical, unsuccessful act, like hitting your head against a brick wall over and over again, each time expecting a different result, hoping for a better outcome, is really the very definition of 'insane behavior'.

Conclusion? These men, these Captains and CEO's of our industries, are Mad. Literally suffering a form of insanity...

In an Age where almost half the world — over three billion people— live on less than $2.50 a day, and where at least 80% of the entire human race live on less than 10 dollars a day, to say out-loud in such an Age, as our CEO so haughtily did, that your Philosophy ( a noble pursuit in itself ) is to Make Money, betrays an unbelievably blind, callous mindset, from someone living inside a gilded cocoon or a bubble, as no man is an island.

While it is the act itself, the act of accumulating money, performed ritually in a series of mind-numbingly repetitive, simplistic steps, which is akin to a trained chimpanzee inside of a cage, who obsessively presses a bar in the hope that more sweets may appear.

If you placed some digital screens in his cage, and dressed the monkey suitably in a Wall St uniform, the illusion would be complete!

It is this behavior, a series of trivial calculations, a brief chat with a colleague and some confirmations via data screen, it is these shallow, mindless tasks accompanied by a hugely disproportionate salary for our CEO when compared with what he actually performed, which reveals how truly bankrupt, conditioned and less-than-human our CEOs and the financial sector in general have become in this economic Machine of ours, and it simultaneously reveals just how much like chimpanzees, in gilded cages, they really appear to be. is those things which we cannot give up, which we obsess over compulsively not unlike an addict, they are the things that enslave us.

NOTE* Although the CEO in question, and his famous quote exist, the rest of the story is pure fiction and bears no resemblance to any living person...or does it?

As for with this concept what you will, for me it was just a stage prop.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Now that the Iowa Caucus is over, and whatever the final tally is, Bernie Sanders has emerged triumphant. I begin to worry in earnest...

It is clear that America is awakening, and in 12 months time this will be even more in evidence...

Therefore, it is clear that barring unforeseen circumstances, Bernie Sanders has a very good shot at becoming President.

Which is why I say that I am beginning to worry in earnest, you see the vested interests and those from Wall Street are actual psychopaths, I don't mean that they are similar, no I mean they actually are psychopaths, with an extremely diminished capacity for empathy...that is, at least those at the very top of the Wolf-pack.

Who, but a psychopath could condemm literally millions of innocent civilians to burn under a hail of bombs for the sake of Profit?

Now these Men of limited humanity, and even greater limitations of vision, who have sold their own Souls, are looking for partners to invade Libya once more and begin new bombing attacks against Terrorism...the sovereign country which had been the most stable and prosperous in all of Africa, which is now a quagmire of human suffering and Terrorism thanks to their first invasion....

These creatures who profit in Wars will not take kindly to being told that they must relinquish some of the trillions in dark and light monies which they obsess over every waking minute of their lives.

They have been pandered to...given for example, well over a trillion dollars just in the initial bail-outs, they have had Carte Blanche...and free reign due to the final extinction of the financial sector regulatory agencies, to act in any manner they like, raping, pillaging and plundering our environment, waging monstrous Wars for Profit all over our Earth, with the potential risk of a Thermo-Nuclear War on the horizon!

Like literal, invisible kings they have lauded it over our economy, sucking every dollar they can, upwards into the rarefied realms of the 1%...

Phizer & Apple are examples of how they treat America with their tax scams.

The Corporatocracy does not have a heart, it has instead a boardroom with digital screens pulsing ceaselessly, with streams of binary digits and profit margins for blood.

So they will not give up lightly this throne of theirs.

They are the most ruthless, inhuman creatures that our system has birthed to date, and therefore they will use every trick in their hideous arsenal to prevent any, any adjustments at all to the distribution of wealth.

If must be noted here that WALL Street and the C.I.A have a long history together, in fact they share an inbred, extremely incestuous past of revolving doors right up to the present day...

Now here is where it becomes problematic...if you have any knowledge, any knowledge at all of the CIA and its tactics, and its Black-Ops, you will know where I am going with this...John.F.Kennedy...Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X....

Do I need to say anything else?
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Friday, January 8, 2016

To Be or Not to Be

"The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms - this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness."

~ Albert Einstein - The Merging of Spirit and Science

Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the sterile chambers of pure logic and accept the banal, simplistic unsatisfying answers that so readily come to hand as observable data in our scientific laboratories?

Or, by transcending this view and opening up the possibility of another realm, a spiritual realm for example, to finally cast-off our conceptual shackles and at least somewhat de-legitimise the neat little box our minds live in, a box constructed out of specialized, arbitrary categories in which we so often find ourselves these days.

Let us not compromise the potentialities of our consciousness.

Let us outgrow a minimalist, purely empirical reality, and thereby transcend what Kant described as :

an experienced, world of phenomenon, the limitations of which can be described as man’s speculative reason which can only know 'phenomena' and can never penetrate to the 'noumenon', or the 'thing-in-itself'.

As creatures of habit and therefore also a product of the habitual thought processes that we so obviously employ, I can see how the seductive and familiar old world-view of materialism has helped to fashion us as humans into dangerous, unempathetic, ant-like creatures with collective powers and assumptions about ourselves and our reality which conceivably could lead to our own demise.

Are we just limited, material beings, as the scientific rationalist would seem to suggest?

And does this also hold true for the rest of the universe?

i.e that our entire reality is a materialistic reality, with nothing existing beyond the physical, tangible, measurable evidence of a materialistic, objectified theory of Ontology.

In a fascinating way Kant returned to the Platonic Cave, and our experiences of reality in this cave are merely the shadows of Plato's concept of the Ideal Form, something which can never be apprehended by our normal, rational modes of thought.

Thus Kant also believed that the true reality of 'the-thing-in-itself' could never be rationally understood, that it is not possible to know this reality in the usual rational way using categories about “things-in-themselves”, or to know about the ultimate causes of our experiences of reality in any conventionally understood rational or scientific approach.

It is amusing to imagine that Dark Energy and Dark Matter may perhaps one day provide us knowledge of a deeper under-lying reality, but I think this will require us to leave behind the current 'standard model' of particle physics and the limitations of it’s language.

Until that time we are limited in these areas of speculation to our own philosophical tools of thought, as we must unfortunately, according to Kant, Plato and innumerable other luminaries forego the precision and certainty of the scalpel of the scientific method, in order to break new ground and gain new vistas on our inscrutable universe.

Today and with increasing regularity the nature of our quantum world literally defies the tools of our logic and our rational understanding, as when for eg a particle in Quantum Physics exists in more than one location in space/time, at the same time!

If our materialistically defined world were indeed the final manifestation of truth, then Man's creation of the spiritual world, and his inherent need to find a spiritual understanding for his relationship and position within the world he or she inhabits, and mankind’s ceaseless striving over Millennia of recorded history to attain for example a state of enlightenment or higher consciousness by following the Path of Tao, or by achieving a state of Zen Satori, or through the study of Buddhism etc., all of it, all of these teachings would be seen as inexplicable, meaningless pursuits which have no bearing on reality whatsoever.

Just echoes of a longing which we feel deep inside and which, according to rationalists are merely superfluous sensations with no connection to the real world of our experience.

Yet the question remains hovering in the air before us like a giant, golden dragon-fly; why would our minds evolve and develop such tendencies if they had no applicable relationship with the universe around us?

Wouldn’t that be like evolving for eg. the sense of hearing in a sterile, soundless vacuum-chamber?

As humanities own journey of evolution and discovery continues to unravel knowledge about us and our place in the bigger scheme of things, it begins to reveal in outline a far more purposeful universe, one which hints at an evolutionary imperative for all life, and of our potential role within the grand scheme of things.

This is a symphony of Life and Death eternally striving for consciousness, a noble, grand design worthy of our contributions.

But as we gradually begin to bear witness to the majesty of our universe with our ever expanding technological nervous system, here in the Western world, with its external and materialistic bias we quite often fail to see the potential spiritual significance of our position and our role as aware progeny, as agents of the universe.

We are becoming the eyes and consciousness, the torch-bearers of awareness for an ever-expanding metamorphic process of self-discovery and ultimately one of self-actualization.

This appears to hint at a direction and a growing trend towards life’s increasing complexity and of unification in a grand design, as it alludes to a greater, deeper apprehension of our place in the Cosmos using an evolving spiritual sense of 'oneness' which suggests that there is an interconnectedness to all things.

These are notions which until recently had been dismissed as purely existing in the hermetic realms of the meditating monk, someone who was traditionally thought to be no longer in touch with our normal collective reality, that is at least until the first glimmerings of a type of theoretical confirmation began to be seen in for eg. the Max Planck scale, or in the theoretical field from which the strings of ‘String-theory’ are said to emerge, or as it is conceived of in the unified Higgs-Bosun Field which, thanks to the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland is no longer purely theoretical.

But I humbly believe that these explorations and conceptualizations do not go far enough as they invariably treat our own human consciousness as an interference, as noise in the experiment which needs to be filtered out.

Our consciousness is a phenomena literally limited to each and every one of us exclusively, as a reflection of our unique life-forms.

This echoes our own observations of how the universe is constructed and it appears to be a fundamental law of the universe i.e that everything in the universe is unique, disparate and heterogeneous from everything else, that no two objects, or particles, or streams of energy, in fact nothing in the physical realm can ever be completely identical with anything else.

This appears to be just another fundamental mystery to unravel; why the entire universe consists of and is constructed from unique, completely separate and disparate particles?

This in itself is a strange realization...why didn’t the universe, if it is indeed another name for God simply clone or repeat specific objects or particles?

In a momentary notion we could play out one permutation of the Meta-verse in which this concept of cloned particles has been adopted and see where it leads us, but I will end this miserable attempt to entertain before we actually hit that particular brick-wall.

Just as we all possess a singular unique consciousness or apprehension of reality which is unique in Space and Time for example, the inherent duality of our universe simultaneously and paradoxically places us within a bigger picture which we all share from, contribute to, and are a part is the same whole, the same 'oneness'.

That the universe has a basement level which gives rise to a sea of Quantum potentiality is an awareness which is so profound that it has encouraged the birth of pop-science and pseudo-science ‘quantum mystification’.

Alas, a spurious, cobbled together pseudo-reality is apparently the best we can do currently, with one foot caught in the empirical method and the other bogged down in new-age semantics as we arrive again at a rift, an impasse and an inherent incompatibility between Spirituality and Science due to the fact that a common language to describe our spiritual aspirations and apprehensions still does not exist.

These urges that manifest inside of us, are I think the echoes and whispering of the Universe's own inexorable striving for what de Chardin called 'greater complexification' and what Eastern Mystics and Eastern Religions have known for centuries i.e

that there exists in the universe seen as ‘Will’ or ‘Drive to be’, an unconscious, universal tendency which we all share, to 'become ONE with that sea of consciousness and potentiality’ which lies at the bedrock of our universe...

We are made out of the ‘stuff’ of the universe, and hence we appear to share at least the core, fractal components of the universe’s organic DNA, a DNA which is visible in a whirling galaxy, as it is in the swirling water which goes down my sink, or in the photograph of a tree, or an x-ray silhouette of a human brain, replicating patterns which appear through out our world and our universe.

These patterns which appear though out the universe, are the products of procedural generation, and they have been superbly delineated by today's Maths, as evidenced for example by the "Fibonacci sequence" or as in the splendor of the "Mandelbrot set" of Fractals.

But they are surely more than just the products of 'procedural generation', and speak to an over-all design, because although causality can explain a sequence, mathematics to date has still not been able to explain the initial 'seed' which began the whole cascade of patterns...

The organic DNA of the Universe.

Therefore is it any wonder that we are beginning to once again recognize our intrinsic, spiritual yearnings?

New-Age Spiritualism is rapidly becoming a necessary salve to our fractured, materialistic, schizoid reality.

Our objective reality is becoming increasingly unfathomable, de-humanizing and problematic with every scientific rabbit-hole and new scientific perspective that we tumble into, as humanity continues to fade and wither away under the blistering blowtorch of scientific specialization and relativism; as the sheer scale in terms of distance and the immensity of the measurements involved when looking out into deep space, reduces the Earth, and the all-too brief evolution of its inhabitants, in a kind of absurdist reduction.

It reduces us into a state of complete abject insignificance, consisting of mostly empty space, very little, if any sign of Free-Will, and invariably subject to the law of causality among others.

We are told that we are less than a single grain of sand on the vast sandy beaches of the universe, just a dot in the vast oceans of space, which is measured in that minuscule speck of time during which mankind emerged, in that brief flowering of our existence, just a breathless, fleeting moment relative to the life of the universe.

Humanity desperately requires a new spiritual matrix which places mankind in a meaningful relationship to the whole.

Logic and rationality are now being seen as inadequate to describe or deal with Man, his conscious awareness of his place in the universe, or his relationship to the ever increasing seemingly nonsensical events arising out of the Quantum world.


Modern science has today retreated so far into the abstract, rarefied realms of mathematics, pure unverifiable theory and specialization, that it can no longer provide the average human with any tangible, personal meaning at all, if it ever could.

Our traditional Gods have similarly 'left the building', retreating in utter revulsion at the contradictory and bizarre nature of the phenomena which Quantum Physics has so far produced.

Some scientists today are further estranging us by attempting to fashion our reality as a giant Hologram...a virtual, simulated reality.

A legitimate avenue of development for Cosmology and the cosmological sciences in the first decades of the new Millennium?

Or could this possibly be viewed as just a little too convenient, and merely the product of our era and of our culture?

Virtual Reality is a hot topic in the computer field momentarily and there are new developments in VR software or hardware occurring almost every month.

Why wouldn't someone come up with a Holographic universe theory in this environment?

After all, it's a popular idea!

So forgive me if I don't cheer too loudly when the Next Gen of computers and human interaction produces a new 'weltanschauung' (or the far less adequate English translation i.e Worldview), another brand-new cosmology, a new type of mathematical model for the entire universe which miraculously parallels or reflects our latest fads and computer memes.

Correct me if I’m wrong about this, but isn’t it true to say that Holograms cannot be found spontaneously, unconsciously being generated through natural forces anywhere within the naturalistic world of our universe?

And that the only instance known so far in our universe, in which the complexity and the precise dimensions of a Hologram were created from scratch is predictably at the hands of Man’s technological, materialistic machines.

The eyes of a fly may appear as a replicating pattern similar in appearance to a hologram, but I hardly think that a fly’s brain with its physical limitations and size, would be capable of doing the internal processing required for true 3-D, holographic video imaging.

And yet for some strange reason this intricate pattern, which can only be artificially fabricated with the intrusion of man’s technology, and which is probably evident nowhere else in nature, is supposed to represent the real design and actual structure of our universe today.

There is no longer any human-centric perspective of our place within the bigger picture provided by science.

In other words our scientific inquiries, have gradually eliminated 'us' from the bigger picture, rather than help to elucidate the age-old questions such as;

What are we doing?

Is this a totally random experience?

Or, are we just a momentary blip in the 13.8 Billion years of our Universe's existence?

Or, why do the stars call to us so hauntingly?

On these types of questions it has been deafeningly, maddeningly silent.

Today in modern physics, Astronomy and cosmology there is a growing disparity and feeling of uncertainty among students as new theoretical mathematical frameworks are being developed every other month.

The goal of modern science has always been to unite and develop a truly unified theory of Energy for example, or indeed for everything, but this seems increasingly far off in the distance when we consider modern physics for example, and the enormous gaps in our knowledge, for eg.

We have discovered that approximately 95% of our universe is a complete mystery to us, and to modern science as well, and that it consists entirely of unknown substances such as dark matter, and dark energy which means of course that in essence we only understand a miserable 5% of our universe, and hence our reality.

Again from the remarkable Albert Einstein :

'The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.'

The rest i.e the huge majority of our reality when we gaze up into the night sky remains an ominously large, unknown continent.

Dark Matter looms on the horizon for mankind like an enormous, uninvited spaceship casting a giant, dark shadow over the Earth, with a completely unique and unknown 'reality' on board...just waiting out there, among the stars and planetary bodies to be discovered by some intelligent life-form.

It sucks the light from life like a gigantic shroud o'er all,
As it sucks the color from many distant Suns...

Leaving in it's wake, a deathly pallor on the cold, hard marbles of space,

On the surface of comets it coaxes hissing, and steaming fissures to be ripped open;

The body of the screaming comet erupts like boiling poplar trees as it passes through vaporous drifts of dark, ammonia-laden flesh, leaching light from numerous cracks in its icy surface, warping visibly under the rhythmic, tidal assault from a large planet-sized body of Dark Energy, which quivers on the horizon line at night with negative energy, and pulses like dark matter roses only recently plucked.'

The above reminds us all that we are still essentially groping in the dark...

We obviously have no idea as to what Dark Matter and Dark Energy are actually about which is why I can still speculate about them.

We are inquisitive creatures of context, who yearn for narrative, gifted with a consciousness which appears to be simultaneously a part of a greater whole i.e indivisible and yet singularly unique at the same time, one which purposefully seeks to identify, match and unravel the patterns hidden within the ineffable folds in the fabric of the universe, and yet one which is capable of phenomenal leaps of experience, of apprehension, and which can transcend the limitations of the syllogism or the duality of everyday life, much like ‘entangled’ quantum particles can transcend the limitations of distance.

We are creatures who remain in a sense like children, who still do not fully understand their capabilities let alone the world around them...obsessively seeking to find and suck out the nurturing, creamy marrow of meaning from a chink within the dark heart, the distant center of our ever-expanding reality and its enigmatic relationship within us...

And this should humbly remind us of how Shakespeare or Francis Bacon (take your pick) so aptly put it in Hamlet, that :

"There are more things in heaven and Earth, than are dreamt of in your Philosophy Horatio..."

Which today might have been written more like this :

"There are 95% more things in Heaven and Earth today, than are dreamt of in your philosophy Horatio..."
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